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The Star of Bethlehem Baptized Pentecostal Church of Holiness

609 Lagonda Ave.

Lexington, KY 40505

(859) 252-5007

Bishop Raymond Ross, Jr., Pastor

Bible Study Handouts


The Purpose and Power


Praise & Worship


Handouts & Questions

God is a God of Principles

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  • 9-25-13: Read 19:9-11. Question: What does the word principle mean?
  • 10-2-13: Read Genesis 6:3. Question: Why will God's Spirit not strive with man forever?
  • 10-9-13: Read Psalm 119:1-3: Questions: In verse 1, identify the word undefiled. In verse 3, explain the words, walk in His ways.
  • 10-16-13: Read Psalm 119:4-6: Questions: In verse 4, identify the words commanded and diligently.
  • 10-30-13: Read Psalm 119:7-8. Be prepared to discuss the following: 1) Praise Him with the right heart, 2) When I learn Your judgments, 3) I will obey, and 4) Don't leave me.
  • 11-6-13: Read Psalm 119:9-10: Be prepared to discuss the following: 1) Can a young man cleanse his ways? 2) How shall we seek the Lord?